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Getting Started

Before getting started with your SunShop installation, please make sure to view the System Requirements page to ensure the software will run correctly.

Installation Preparation:

In order to perform the installation you will need the following items.

1. FTP Details: Hostname, username and password. This information is usually provided by your host when you signup for hosting.

2. MySQL Details: If you do not have the information below, you may be able to create the database and user account via a utility in your web hosting control panel. If you are unsure of the correct MySQL information, we recommend asking your web host for assistance.

  • MySQL Server Hostname (Usually “localhost”)
  • Database Name
  • Database Username
  • Database Password

Creating a MySQL Database:

If you do not have your MySQL information, you will need to create the database and user information for the database within your hosting control panel. See below for information on creating databases in three of the most common control panels.

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